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Cheat Day

I have been on Keto Diet for almost a week now and so far I am quite happy with the results. I feel light and my sleep got better. I am strictly following what’s on the Keto diet list. In fact, this one I’ve posted isn’t prohibited since I have been hearing from fellow Filipinos who are into this kind of diet, too, that they’re eating Chicharon on a regular basis. Chicharon is a dish containing fried pork rinds or belly. It can be made from beef or chicken, too. But of course, since it contains high levels of fat, I won’t be including it daily on my diet. So, this is cheat day for me.

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  1. If you are on a diet you can have a cheat day. I think I have cheat days every day!! I try to eat healthily but then I need something tasty as a dessert. And there is always an excuse to do it. Yesterday, for instance, there was a football game in Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona and I ate popcorn and I drank sangría. I love sweets and I need to have something sweet every day. But here in Spain, we eat very well especially in rural areas like mine.

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