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Changing Colors

Ficus religiosa or sacred fig can be seen changing colors at least twice a year. The leaves fall off for winter and in spring new reddish leaves start appearing on the trees. I love those beautiful tender leaves that appear in mid February. At the end of autumn the dying leaves which are now yellow shake wildly with each gust of wind producing a melodious sound. They glisten like gold when the catch the mild winter sunlight

These sacred fig trees provide the right backdrop to take bird pictures in spring with their vibrant foliage. They have tiny fig like fruits which all birds love. The Ficus religiosa trees are considered to be sacred by Hindus and Jains as well. These huge trees have sufficient space for birds of all kinds to build their nests. They are dense enough  to give privacy and protection to the birds.

The heart shaped leaves are the canvas for many miniature paintings in Asia. It is an art form that has been growing for hundreds of years.

Sacred fig trees live very long 900-1500 years according to Wikipedia. These trees are also huge and grow up to a height of 100 feet.  It is a beautiful shady tree which can grow in various kinds of climates.

The sacred figs make lovely bonsai with their amazing looking trunks.  They can be started from a cutting. However, they mostly grow from bird droppings.

This is the semblance of Autumn the tropics witness.

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    • I think you are talking about the banyan tree. All of these belong to the ficus family. I guess there are hundreds of varieties of ficus trees around. I see a whole lot of cultivated varieties planted alongside roads, buildings and such.

    • These fruits are so tiny Lado, only the birds can eat them. I have seen worms wriggling inside these fruits, we used to collect the fruits for our pet parrot he loved these. I am not sure if humans eat these.
      It is said that the Buddha got his enlightenment while he meditated under this tree.

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