Brief Keyboard Shortcut Tip for Temperatures

I recently wrote about the use of keyboard shortcuts and I was happy to learn that many people here use them. I also use them fairly often. It occurred to me, with the #weather-challenge and all, that there is a keyboard shortcut that some people might not know about, but which is easy enough to memorize.

The shortcut saves effort and typing when you want to type the temperature. After all, typing out “degrees” over and over again gets monotonous and adds time to typing a post. For example, when I type out what our expected high temperature is supposed to be today, I can type that it is forecast to be 53 degrees F. There is nothing at all wrong with doing it that way, but it is far easier to write that the temperature is supposed to reach 53°. I insert the degree symbol by using a keyboard shortcut.

That shortcut is ALT+0176; hold down the ALT key and type in 0176. When you release the ALT key, it should display the degree symbol. I do try to include the temperature scale I’m using at least once, either F or C, as a point of clarity, but the symbol is the same either way.

I thought people might find this a useful keyboard shortcut, should they be writing anything having to do with temperatures.

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Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. I find it easier, when using Word, to click on Insert, then Symbol. If it is one that I use quite often, I can then select it from those on offer. If not, it does not usually take long to find it.

    This means that all the selection is done by clicking, not typing, and you don’t have remember a code number for every symbol you might want to use.

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