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This is a video questioning the authenticity of the COVID 19 virus pandemic. The whistleblower is Doctor Rashid A Buttar DO. It is vitally important as it concerns the entire population of the world. The question is, was China falsely accused as the bad guys, while American taxpayer dollars paid for the manufacturing of this so-called “pandemic” How could someone perpetrate such a demonic act? Watch this video while it is still up. 


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  1. If it was fake, then nobody would be dying from it. However, people from all over the world have contracted Covid-19 and have passed away from the coronavirus. If this was fake, then you would be able to snap everyone back to life like Thanos.

  2. I will wait for more facts. Americans have a tendency to jump to fast conclusions. I would have to have all the information.
    Another thing about this video, is that it is long and complicated.
    Spell it our simply, don’t blind people with so called science.

    • The news is as I found it, on YouTube Pamela, and decided that while COVID 19 is the most topical set concerning humanity, I understood perfectly what was being said in it but have clearly overestimated the comprehension of some writers on Virily. As for the Americans “jumping to fast conclusions” I reserve my comments on derogatory and I dare say, inflammatory statements like those, (many of our fellow writers are American) I understand how irrational terror and blind fear of the unknown can affect some people, just quell your curiosity and don’t read “so-called science” The headline clearly alluded to the contents.

      • Then maybe I should extend to some jumping to fast conclusions are international and I may be one of them.
        Very sorry if that caused offence.
        I am thinking of one rash American whose name will not be mentioned here…but then in ignorance I may have also misunderstood this person and judged unfairly.
        Yes, in deed we can be blinded by so called science, when the true science of this life is to always seek the truth.
        My desire in my comments is a quest to learn the truth.

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