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Brainteaser: Wolf, Goat and Cabbage Problem

I just read a Mathematic book and saw this Wolf, Goat and Cabbage problem. I decided to let my kids work on it. It turned out that my kids have already read the puzzle and solved it. But I still asked them to write and draw, just to practice their English writing skill. Well, to be exact, it’s copywork skill.

Do you know about this brainteaser? I read that it’s a river crossing puzzle that was from 8th or 9th century. The story is about a man can only take one thing with him on the boat to cross the river. There are three things, wolf, goat and a basket of cabbages. He couldn’t leave the goat with the cabbages as the goat would eat the cabbages. If he leaves the wolf with the goat, the wolf would eat the goat. So he has to find a solution to bring all three things across the river.

You can use this simple simulation to test out the solution: MathCats


Picture credit: @kaka135

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    • I actually don’t like brainteasers or puzzles, I always find it hard to solve them. Perhaps I am always too lazy to think and solve the problem. But my elder son always enjoys doing those brainteasers, riddles or puzzles.

  1. I read something similar years ago but may be I can solve it here for you.
    The man takes the goat with him, comes back takes the wolf with him and comes back with the goat, leaves the goat and then takes the cabbage, comes back and then takes the goat again.

    Wolf and cabbage can stay together but nothing else (lol)

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