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Black Coffee’s feat

WASHINGTON: America’s white man blames his wife for the birth of a black baby. In response the white wife declared the black coffee responsible for the birth of black baby.

An unusual incident took place at the SF Baptist Hospital in the US state of South Florida, where a beautiful baby was born to 22-year-old white woman Annie.

Annie Coqueldo’s white husband said during a special conversation that when doctors handed my newborn baby into my hands, I was surprised to find that my baby was black.

The husband said I asked my wife Annie for clarification, saying that I am not racist and the color of the baby is not a problem for me, but you deceived me? To which my wife replied that I did not cheat. this black baby is the result of drinking black coffee. You used to drink black coffee without milk and sugar, so its color is similar to coffee.

The husband said that our marriage has been 8 months which has been a long time for me and the fact that I love Black Coffee very much. He said that I drink strong coffee all day and I think my wife is right, I do not see the need for a DNA test.

On other hand the wife refused to talk on this matter.

  • Can black coffee be held responsible for the birth of black baby ?

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