I was gazing through a 50-year-old magazine my wife found in our attic the magazine is full of crazy weight-loss devices and pills that promise to “melt the fat away while you sleep.” But one of the craziest devices ever invented was the vibrating belt workout machine, which was supposed to jiggle the fat off you while you just stood there. 

According to the Orange County Register, the vibrating belt machine was a must-have device in fitness centers for decades, even though health experts actually knew pretty early on that they were essentially useless. Still, people found them appealing because they thought they had that magic something that delivered weight loss without diet and exercise. Today we know better, so instead of using the vibrating belt machines we just drink apple cider vinegar and order expensive bottles of garcinia Cambogia because there just has to be some way to lose weight without all that stupid diet and exercise stuff.

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  1. you were making me laugh out loud this morning with this one!!!

    I am thinking back tot he things we “knew” when I was a kid. So many of those things are no longer.

    My favorite (not that this was when I was a kid) was the 1910s in the UK.
    A major scientist said the new high-speed train (35mph) would kill its riders. Humans were not made, the expert said to travel over 35 miles per hour!!!!

    • So, now it was my turn to laugh at your comment: “Not that this was when I was a kid.” and the one about speed killing us at 35mph. USSR experiments are seriously striving towards reaching the speed of light, which will make time-traveling a possibility.

      • speed of light makes time travel possible per the theory of relativity forward (a body will age less the closer it gets to the speed of light, resulting in time dilution, and ultimately when they return it will have been many more years for everyone else).

        My dream for many years was to be a sci fi writer, but I gave that up.

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