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Bhel puri – unhygienic fast food relished on a beach

No looking back when it comes to relishing Bhel puri specially on a packed beach.  Bhel puri is made at home but nothing like having it at an ambience only a beach can provide. 

Giving a blind eye on how the guy prepares that stuff is the best way to eat bhel puri on the beach. The atmosphere is just right – sitting on the sand with your loved one chatting and eating. 

It is normally washed down with a tender coconut – perfect way to eat bhel puri and then a stroll hand in hand singing romantic songs. 

 Have been there and done that 

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  1. The entire article and the contents are great. And greater in look is the image – that mouth-watering bhel… uuummm…. But just one “forced” answer đŸ™‚ for “Do you enjoy unhygienic fast food?”… I would have still gone with that affirmative. You just cannot ignore that bhelpuri… LOL!!!


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