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Being rulers of your own little kingdoms

Treat people as they should be and help them become what they can be. I do not know who said these words, they just came to my mind. 

After all, you can behave not only with other people but also with yourself as if you were the best in every area of life, the greatest wonder of nature. We set boundaries in our mind, there is really no goal we could not achieve if it is important to us.

If you are in doubt about your abilities, remember that you can learn everything. If you are in doubt about the difficulties, remember that overcoming them will make you unstoppable. If you are afraid of losing, remember that what you think about most often happens.

Look at yourself as an all-powerful person and never harm yourself. Only by treating yourself as you should be, you will help yourself to become what you can be.

Did you get a bad grade? Did you lose your gloves a hundred first time? Did the boss was unhappy about not completing the task properly? Or may your beloved does nor show enough attention? Is it worth it not to love yourself and not to believe in yourself?

Often it is easier to feel sorry for yourself, to underestimate your ability than to admit that everyone can have bad things not only you, to accumulate energy, to smile, and even to enjoy the fact that you can control your feelings.

What a tremendous relief to realize that we are creating ourselves and only ourselves we are being the rulers of our small kingdoms.

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