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Living in an apartment for years also meant that we were surrounded by bees. While I love honey and the bees themselves we did have accidents from time to time. Our little dog Choco who is in dog heaven now used to get stung by these bees as she curiously hung around the balcony watching the butterflies, which was her favorite pastime.

There were four huge beehives that hung down from the terrace. This meant that we had free, pure  honey all through the year.  My boys never tasted sugar until we moved out of our apartment into a bigger house.

These bees would often get into a frenzy when some bird, monkey or  maintenance people accidentally collided into them. It would be chaos then and we would have to close all our doors and windows and keep our pets and children indoors to prevent being stung. These otherwise peace loving, unseen creatures would then swarm the places and attack people madly during such times.

Thankfully these incidents happened rarely and we did not have any major issues ever.

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  1. Yes, I am allergic to bees but no I am not frightened of them . Our bees are quiet and peaceful and aren’t looking to hurt anyone.
    Plus if they sting the bee also dies.

    Nice post, I may send some bee photos to Virily soon

  2. The bees are really nice and useful animals, dear friend … I’m not afraid of them and I like to see them … there are many around here around me, but there is not a single whisper

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