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Here are a few cool facts about the Baja California peninsula in Mexico,  it is the second-longest on Earth after the Malaysian peninsula, which extends 1247 km (775 mi). The peninsula separates the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific Ocean. Its width ranges from 40 km (25 mi) at its narrowest point to 320 km (200 miles) at the widest point.


The state’s economy is supported by agriculture, maquiladoras (manufacturing assembly plants), mining and tourism. The state is also well known as a tourist destination, thanks to its countless beaches and its close proximity to the United States. … Tijuana is the largest Baja California city.


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    • I also have not been to Baja, but, oh, my goodness, what a beautiful sunrise! I am quite content seeing that beautiful place through Kim and Rachael’s eyes and when you talk about your tiny country, I see it through your eyes and long for a beautiful place like yours too.

  1. I live in San Diego. I have been all over Mexico. Every weekend we would fly down to a different destination. Dad was a pilot. Boy, the memories we had. I love Baja, and my favorite town is Loreto. We used to go down and rent a cottage on the beach before it was a tourist destination.

    • WOW! Kim, I envy you for having had a pilot for a dad I logged up about 10 hours and was about to start on instrument touch and go, on a single prop 1961 DeHavilland Beaver DHC-2, I love flying. Then it got just too expensive on a cop’s salary, I was probably a pilot in a past-life. Lol.

      • It is expensive, my ex did it. But now he hardly flies because of the price of gas. It is expensive all the way around. You were very close though Andre. I got to be with dad when he was practicing all these things. From no instruments, I remember he wore a visor that shut off his line of sight to the instrument panels. Stalls were my favorite. WEEEEEE. Those were fun.

  2. When I was 18, we Angeloinos would drive down to Tiajuana in order to go to a bar. Why? Well the drinking age in California was (or still is) 21 and the drinking age in Mexico is 18. So it was a long way to travel – about 4 hours for a beer, but worth it!


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