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Last weekend I was quite busy. There was a pleasant surprise waiting for me on the social media, family group. I am not too much of a social media person , so it is just a couple of groups that I  participate in.

Covid 19 seems to have brought about a lot of changes than I thought at first.  A few of my nephews and nieces who now live in Europe were discussing various recipes  but quickly the conversation came down to our traditional cuisine. I became interested in the conversation,  because now instead of pasta, pizzas and various other continental cuisine they were talking about things close to my heart.

Then they decided to ask me for recipes of stuff my grandmother used to make.  I really had to work my memory for some of those , I had to try out some others before I could gave it to them. It was fun to be finally cooking food that our families have enjoyed for generations.

The lockdown has now become a time to tweak our culinary skills. Each one has been posting pictures and sharing their experiences and it has been fun.  I am happy that I have had an opportunity to enjoy some of the food I haven’t eaten in ages.

My cooking adventures continue. I have decided to make dishes that are totally traditional until the lockdown is over, well at least for one meal. My nephews and nieces now seem to be having various challenges going on. I am happy that these recipes will now be passed on to the next generation.

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    Have you been enjoying the lockdown time in one way of the other?

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    Life can be fun anytime, right?


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        • That is great too. I have lost contact with so many of my classmates. Yesterday I discovered that one of the sweet boys from my class is now a Capuchin monk in Jerusalem. Imagine calling him father now LOL.

          • My best friends from high school

            1. Captain in the Indiana State Police. Has threatened to arrest me every single class reunion!!!
            2. Warden Pendleton State Prison (Indiana)
            3. Professor of Indiana State University in Education
            4. Episcopal Priest in Ohio
            5. Head US Football Coach Rose Hulman University

            We were always in trouble in High school!!!

  1. I have two daughters-in-law. We regularly share recipes with them. They learn from me from the old traditions, and I have tried some of them. I am glad that you too have achieved this harmony with your nephews.

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