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Autumn Colors – Acalypha Wilkesiana

Autumn colors? Not really, this is the color of this plant called Acalypha Wilkesiana in any season. This is a very common bush used as a hedge plant. It is also called Jacobs coat, copper leaf etc. This plant needs little or no attention and grows up to three meters in height. It makes a nice tall hedge.

The only problem with these plants are that they are easily attacked by the mealy bug which then spreads to the rest of the garden. To keep the plant healthy, a regular spray of organic insecticide is essential, also it is important to not let the flowers come up. The flowers are the first to be attacked by the white mealy bugs.  Constant pruning is required to keep the plant healthy and in good shape.

The coppery leaves look amazing when they catch the light. They look like a fire wall in the evening light.  The darker deeper shades of the older leaves give the plant a nice contrast and an attractive look.

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Written by Dawn


  1. I was thinking about whether it was a plant that used to be around me in the 70s to 80s but had not seen it for a long time. If true, I did not choose it as a fence because it is too wide even though the color is very beautiful.

    • I am sure it is, it is a pretty common plant . I agree it is wide for a hedge but huge parks and institutions have these as hedges.