Besides, COVID 19, There’s A Slim Chance Of Returning To The Way We Were. There is always debate about the nature of economic recovery and the shape of the growth path. What is already very clear is that there is little chance of returning to the way we were and there are many reasons for that, besides the COVID 19 pandemic. This means that all organizations will need to become new companies as will individuals need to adjust and fit into these unchartered waters 

So, the question is, what changes could individuals consider to enable them to rebuild careers when finances are stretched and critical resources are stretched to the limit?

The aim of this post is to share a quiz that is capable of showing up hidden blind spots in our personalities which tend to repeatedly put us at a disadvantage in the pursuit of reaching our goals and achieving our aspirations. When I received my results, I can honestly say that I had benefitted from completing the quiz.


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  1. Nice quiz – the reality of personality is it impacts us all the time. One of my dearest friends is the exact opposite of me, we work really well together. Another dear friend is virtually my twin. we also work well together.

    the reality of personality is we have to learn to adjust to others.

  2. I took the quiz and this is what I got

    Contemplator: Calm and reserved. Are tactful and cautious in sharing thoughts and feelings. Prefer facts and figures over ‘gut’ instinct. Take time making decisions to ensure thorough review of all options. Don’t like sharing personal life too extensively. Prefer professional relationships over friendships at work. Non-confrontational and prefer to work alone.


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