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Ants Nests – Team Work

While I was walking through the park this last weekend I noticed some huge leaf parcels on a couple of trees. Surprised I asked my husband if he knew what they were and I was more surprised that he did. He told me that they were ants nests, he showed me the ants climbing up the tree right up to the top.

After coming home I did a bit of Googling and figured out that these are weaver ants, They work in teams to build the nest. They tug and bend leaves in one direction and paste them with a  white glue like substance called silk. This requires a lot of energy for those tiny beings and they do it together. When then leaves are too far apart and cannot be brought together easily, these ants hang on to each other and form a chain which is then involved in tugging the leaf/leaves closer together to form the nest.

These nests are the size of a baseball. They are elliptical in shape.  I can see four hear in this picture but I think I saw at least about 7-8 nests on the same tree.

I wonder if ants can work as a team and do such amazing work, how much more can we achieve as a team or a community.

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  1. We used to have ant nests as children and we could see the ant paths.
    We would have a plastic or glass container where you could view the Queen ant and all the worker ants going to the Queen and every activity. We did it for school.

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