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Some days it would be perfect to stay in your pj’s, watch movies, and eat junk food. Adulting all the time is really hard. Maybe it is hard because we really are not suppose to do it everyday. Perhaps as a matter of balance and adventure there should be days designated  to be childlike (not childish.)

Children live in the moment.

Children mean what they say.

Children believe in the impossible.

Children listen with their heart.

Children are curious.

Children are eager to learn.

Children look for the best in others.

Children can turn a problem into an adventure.

  • So what do think, shall we have a childlike day?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. I always take the time to be childlike. We don’t really learn from children, but they remind us of important things we forgot, things that help us cope with adulthood.
    I think wise people are indeed those who found a balance, those who make good use of qualities coming from both worlds. 🙂

  2. As we grow things become complicated, we have a lot of questions that we seek for answers, our responsibilities also become bigger, we tend to like a lot of things, reach our dreams that makes growing a bit tiring. But learning is the best part.

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