Day 3 of Spring Garden Show 2018: Habitudes Design Space Checklist

Saturday, 4.28.18

The 6 pm seminar is about Habitudes Design Garden Space, which is like outdoor home décor to create your own backyard living space based on a particular theme and décor.  Some styles include architectural, Asian, Modern, Victorian, Craftsman, Art Deco, Mediterranean, Ranch, Farmhouse, Mission or Spanish, Pueblo, Cape Cod, French Revival, Colonial, Greek Revival Style, Neo-Classical, and Tudor.

  1. Creating your own habitudes design garden space depends on 5 landscape design elements: space, style, colors, line, and utility.
  2. Decide on your desired theme or style for your outdoor living space.
  3. What is your specific purpose and what are your needs?
  4. What is your personal space already like? Linear, wide, vast or tiny…
  5. What is your preferred style? Geometric, round, square, organic or oblique…
  6. What colors do you want to use for your living space? Color is the driver because it has a visual impact. Use a combination of colors and textures for your desired theme; choose 1 color palette.
  7. Vertex Living Wall—is a planter for edibles
  8. Water wall fountain
  9. Create unity, balance and equilibrium to create peace.
  10. Other things to consider when designing your own outdoor living space include fragrance, vegetables, herbs, and zone.
  11. For examples of each, check out my video for this year’s ten living space models. I posted it earlier on here. It is also on my YouTube page.


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