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A son was born….

The birth of a baby is a special event in every family, but the way it is celebrated in Serbia is definitely unique, as it is accompanied by days of celebration, music, food and drinks to honor the birth of the baby.

The father of the child and the immediate family usually bring together a large number of friends and relatives, and the whole family is expected to adhere to a range of practices that, by popular belief, are a guarantee of the happiness and health of the infant.Gifting a baby is also a custom gift, and babies usually get gold, money, or something against spells. The baby is given 40 days after birth, and this is one of the customs that is still respected by most Serbs.When the expectant mother is admitted to the hospital before delivery, the family usually arranges to welcome the child according to the date of delivery. Friends, family, acquaintances gather, and in honor of the baby, a rich dining table is organized, accompanied by music, song and cheer until the early hours of the morning.At celebrations to honor the birth of a child, you will always recognize your newborn dad by a torn shirt or t-shirt that he wears all night. It is very difficult for strangers to explain why on such an important day the father of the child does not change into something more beautiful, but behind this custom lies a very beautiful symbolism.Serbs have been ripping off their father’s shirt since ancient times to provide baby wrap. Formerly men’s shirts were made of higher quality and thicker material, which was considered great for babies at an early age. Although the children have long since not wrapped themselves in their father’s shirts, the custom has persisted and the Serbs are happy to nurture and maintain it.There is no child in Serbia whose honor was not sung and rejoiced when she was born.

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Written by Branka Drobnjak


  1. However, I did not know this tradition, dear Branka … you Serbs know how to have fun and celebrate such events … you are a real cheerful person and it is a pleasure to watch