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A Red Sky Sunday

A red sky at night is a Shepherd’s delight, a red sky in the morning is a Shepherd’s warning.

You probably have heard this saying many times and each time I see a red sky at night or in the morning, I recall this saying. This concept appears in the book of Matthew in the Bible and is an old weather prediction system that helped shepherds understand what the weather will be and how to prepare for it.

While there are many variations to this saying such as “Red sky at night is a Sailor’s Delight”, it all comes down to what these red skies signify scientifically. A red sky at night means fair weather is coming your way  due to high pressure weather system moving in and thus it was a delight to the shepherds. A red sky in the morning is due to high-pressure weather system moving out (usually east) and making way for not so pleasant weather.

This photo is taken of a red sky in the morning from my backyard.

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Written by Gloridaze