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A New Beginning (Part 6): Be Different

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The world is filled with so much mediocrity because too many people decide not to break the mold.  Why copy the rest of the mediocre masses when you can be unique?  You see how the rest of the world is stuck in a malaise.  Do not do what everyone else does.  Do not say what everyone else says.  Being yourself is the key to being different.

Choose to be different so that you do not end up like everyone else.  The reason why so many people are tricked into being mediocre because there are too many important positions filled by people that lack talent and credentials.  Failing upward causes others to believe that they can fail upward as well.  However, everyone does not have that same safety net.


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Written by ahol888

Coolest dwarf in the world. Expert on the topic of mediocrity.


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