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A little help from the mayor

Our mayor is kindhearted with the relief goods that he sent to the residents in our village. It is no big deal since there’s only 2 kilos of rice, 3 small canned fish and 1 black face mask. But for me, it is the thought that counts. Since our mayor gave everyone relief goods regardless of stature in the society, that means there is no discrimination.

The problem in our country is the government’s propensity to always make the poor people their priority. When there are benefits, it is always the poor that gets on top of the list. But we think that is the reason why the poor are growing in number. Our mayor is one of a kind by giving some benefits to all the residents.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. The relief goods I received last week were a kilo of rice and two instant noodles. Since we still have plenty of rice, and I am not fond of instant noodles, i gave it to our neighbor. They need it more than me.

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