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6 rules to protect your heart

Sedentary lifestyle and tobacco remain the worst enemies of the heart, but the European Society of Cardiology has six rules to protect our hearts.

1. The couch is bad – Five million people die every year due to the “sofa syndrome”, that is, the lack of physical activity.

2. The new cholesterol limits – The value of bad cholesterol should not exceed 100, while the good should not be more than 70

3. Quit smoking as soon as possible – Tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable death in the world. Continuing to smoke after a cardiovascular problem increases the possibility of relapse. Among the effects of tobacco is aortic stiffness, which represents an important cardiovascular risk.

4. Electronic cigarettes are not beneficial – Electronic cigarettes, like nicotine, cause high blood pressure. In addition to the fact that knowing that high blood pressure triggers cardiovascular diseases, the safety of electronic cigarettes is being called into question.

5. The food power – A diet rich in vegetables, fish, fruit, nuts and monounsaturated fatty acids is essential for a healthy heart. Especially the elderly eat an insufficient amount of protein, fruit and vegetables, due to economic problems and difficulty in chewing. A deficient diet can be as dangerous as obesity.

6. The role of vitamin D – The risk of developing heart disease increases when vitamin D levels are low. So, don’t forget to sunbathe.Sun exposure, for 20 minutes a day, in any area of the body – together with the intake of fatty fish, such as sardines, salmon or sea bream – is essential to have good levels of vitamin D.

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