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5 Random Facts about Mavic123456

I would like to join this craze, or as I call it as a Group Therapy session.  As I imagine myself in a group session while I was reading your Random Facts.

Then I want to join the group matter but I will  reveal something new but not too revealing at all.

1.  Mavic123456 is made up because Mavic is no longer a unique name, therefore I added 123456,. (such creative eh) and it is short for Maria Victoria (I feel so queenly and victorious, ehem!)

2.  I am funny (I hope) but if if serious talks needed you can count on me like 123.

3.  I love snorkeling and play with Arielle, Nemo, Dory and Sebastian.

4.  The first  lessons I taught were DOS (Disk Operating System), WordStar, Lotus123 and Framework.  (I don’t know if you know these software).

5.  Years ago,  I wrote and published a book about Logo Programming for kids which was used by some schools in the Philippines for years.

So this is it.

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