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5 Ironing Tips

Of all household chores, ironing is one of the hardest things for me to do.

Ironing is not one of the most interesting activities. But as it has to be done, it’s better to try to do the best we can. And, preferably, without much work!

1. There are clothes that do not need iron – This is the best tip of all. When shopping for clothes, be aware of the fabric. If it gets very crumpled, it will be annoying to iron. Prefer fabrics that do not crumple. You may not even need to pass them! When removing the clothes from the machine hang the shirts and t-shirts on hangers to dry more evenly.

2. Fold as soon as you pick up – Picking up clothes is also a boring housework. This is why it is often done in a hurry, leaving the clothes wrapped in a basket. This is going to be a lot harder to iron!Therefore, as you pick up the clothes, fold it. Whatever it is to iron, place in a basket, folded so that it does not crumble anymore. Whatever it is to pack, fold and tidy up.

3. An aluminum foil works miracles – Try placing an aluminum foil between the piece and the ironing board. When you are passing one side, the heat that passes through the part is retained in the aluminum. This makes the other side smoother instantly!

4. A good iron makes a difference – Cheap is not always better. A good iron can make a difference when ironing. For example, you can get good results from just one side. Imagine the saving of time and electricity!

5. Full Machine is Wrinkle Friendly – Often there is the temptation to fill the machine. So we have more clothes washed, all at once, and we save electricity.However, there are two drawbacks in doing this. One is the laundry does not look so well washed and smell. The other one is the one that interests us here – it will have the clothes all wrinkled, and much more difficult to iron!

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