2019 Big XII Championship Game

The 2019 Big XII Championship Game will be between the #7 Baylor Bears and the #6 Oklahoma Sooners at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX.  Somehow, the Sooners over came a 31-10 halftime deficit on the road to win 34-31 over Baylor.  This game will be interesting to see whether or not Baylor has the fortitude to overcome that choke from last month.  Nevertheless, the pressure will be on both teams to play well because the winner of this game still has a chance to be the #4 team in the College Football Playoff.

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    Who will win?

    • Oklahoma
    • Baylor
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    Will you watch this game?

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  1. This will be another one that I plan to check in on. Hopefully they have it playing on the flat screen televisions at the gym, so that I can watch it there. If not I plan to either follow it on Twitter or ESPN application. I have been watching on YouTube a lot lately though, but that is when they put the games up. Definitely going for Oklahoma in this matchup, and hope that they make it into the college playoff, especially after Utah losing, lol. Oaklahoma is better competition than Utah.

    • I’m rooting for Oklahoma now so that Jalen Hurts makes it to the playoff after he was disrespected by Alabama. I will need extra remote control skills during this game because this game will be on at the same time as the Florida/Butler basketball game, the Baylor/Arizona basketball game, and the Manchester City/Manchester United soccer match. At Baylor, they will be showing both games split screen on their scoreboard in their gym for free.

      • That will be something I look for in the near future, a split screen television. I’ll be hitting the pawn shop up soon to get one. Looks like karma got the best of Alabama, too. As long as these current top 4 teams have the talent they do, I cannot see Alabama winning a championship in a few years.

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