NFC North 2020 poll

The Green Bay Packers played way better than expected by winning the NFC North Division last season with a 13-3 record.  Eight of their 13 wins were by eight points or less last season.  Plus, it does not help that many NFL experts believe that the Packers had the worst draft during the offseason.

The Minnesota Vikings (10-6) are looking to topple the Packers after acquiring DE Yannick Ngakoue.  However, things will not all be peaches and cream for Minnesota because Kirk Cousins is their quarterback.  If you are a Vikings fan, then you better hope that he does not catch Covid-19 after the comments he made last week.  He claims that he is not concerned about Covid-19 in one sentence, then says that he could possibly die if he contracted Covid-19.  This type of illogical behavior is a look into why he makes dumb decisions on the field sometimes.  All that he has to do this season is hand the ball off to RB Dalvin Cook after the ball is hiked.

The Chicago Bears (8-8) are sticking with Mitch Trubisky as their quarterback.  He regressed after having a decent 2019 season.  He is feeling the pressure after the Bears organization made the worst draft decision in NFL history by passing on Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes to pick Trubisky in the 2017 NFL Draft.  It is not Trubisky’s fault that the Bears picked him.  The Bears organization has been in shambles since 1986 after they broke up that Super Bowl team.

The Detroit Lions (3-12-1) did not have a good season last year.  They will not have a good season this year either.  

Please pick who you think will win the NFC North.

  • Who will win the division?

    • Bears
    • Packers
    • Vikings
    • Lions


What do you think?

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