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2019 College Football Playoffs Semifinals

The College Football Playoffs are finally here.  The semifinals begin this afternoon as the top four teams will look to move on to the championship game.  Fortunately, there was no controversy as all four teams are deserving of their spot in the playoffs.

In the first game, #1 LSU Tigers (13-0) will take on #4 Oklahoma Sooners (12-1) in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.  The focus on this game will be on the quarterbacks.  LSU is led by QB Joe Burrow.  His statistics this season has been astronomical (4,715 passing yds, 48 TD’s).  Per these statistics, you can see why he won the Heisman Trophy.

However, do not count Oklahoma out because the Sooners are buoyed by the leadership of QB Jalen Hurts.  Hurts has won two playoff semifinal games before transferring from Alabama to Oklahoma.  His experience at defeating LSU twice will give him the confidence he needs to pull off the upset.  However, an Oklahoma bowl season would not be complete without a few players getting arrested.

In the second game, #3 Clemson Tigers (13-0) will take on #2 Ohio State Buckeyes (13-0) in the Playstation Fiesta Bowl at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ.  Playing this game at an NFL stadium is quite appropriate because both teams have a plethora of NFL talent on both sides of the ball.

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    LSU vs Oklahoma – who will win?

    • LSU
    • Oklahoma
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    Clemson vs Ohio State – who will win?

    • Clemson
    • Ohio State


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          • It is only one occasion during the whole year. There are plenty of inter-collegiate clashes in football, rugby, cricket and much else, but the general public has no interest at all in them.

            There is plenty of professional sport to attract our attention, which presumably is the same in the US. So why this fascination with student sport, which surely is not going to be better than what the professionals can produce? I just don’t get it!

          • U20 matches are not between colleges! The matches you saw at Derby (not Darby, but pronounced as though it were) would have been between the youth squads of Derby County and other senior clubs.

            This still doesn’t answer the question of why Americans are so fascinated by inter-collegiate sport, when there must be so many opportunities to see matches played between top-level professional clubs.

        • it isn’t just Americans.

          All over South America, all over Europe, all over Asia. There are now College games in Asia for athletes to participate.

          it is a culture thing, globally. Basketball in Europe. Soccer in Europe. Aussie college basketball teams tour the US in the early season.

          My impression is either you don’t like the US, fair enough, or you don’t like sports also fair enough. I am not going to change your mind. You have your opinion and you are welcome to it.

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