CeeDee Lamb is at it again!


Oklahoma Sooners All-American wide receiver CeeDee Lamb has had three of the most ridiculous scampers over opposing defenses this season.  In the second quarter of Oklahoma’s 42-41 victory over the Iowa State Cyclones, Lamb catches a two-yard screen from QB Jalen Hurts at the Oklahoma 40-yard line.  (Go to 1:06 on the video)

When Lamb catches the pass, there are no defenders around him because the defensive backs must give him space so that they will not be toasted on a deep route.  This play should only go for about a 15-yard gain, but Lamb cuts back to the right and scores a touchdown.  Watch how eight defenders whiff at tackling him.  

The other two times Lamb has broken off a run like this after the catch this season has been against Texas and against Kansas State.  CeeDee Lamb has single-handedly proven that good defense is hard to find in the Big XII Conference.


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    • The game will be interesting because Baylor seems to do just enough to win every week. Oklahoma’s offense is awesome, but their defense cannot stop the run at all. The key to the game will be if Baylor is able to control the ball on offense because they use their spread offense to work the clock instead of looking to score a boatload of points like Oklahoma.


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