Beginning to look like flowerbeds (4/9)

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It took a little over a month of working at it daily to remove the stones, debris, and weeds from in front of both buildings. It took another two weeks to separate the iris clumps. The soil was still very poor at that point, but it was the first opportunity to plant a few flowers to make the flowerbeds look a little more like they should look.

This image is along the sanctuary building after marigolds (orange), pansies (yellow), and petunias (purple) were planted. Several daylilies were also planted and the leaves can be seen near the top of the picture. What isn’t seen is that each of these plants was planted in finished compost by digging a hole, putting in some compost, putting the plants on top, filling in around the plants with compost, then covering that with the soil that was already there.

It might sound like a great deal of effort and it was, but I frequently prayed about every step, asking for guidance regarding what to do next, what to plant, how to plant, and so forth. I merely supplied the labor. God supplied everything else.

Written by Rex Trulove