What you need to see in Madrid, the capital of Spain

Robin Biznis  7 July.2018 Belgrade, Serbia

Madrid belongs to the historical region of Castile. It is built on the shores of the small river Manzanares.

In the city itself you can see how history intertwines. The city was taken from the Mavari by the beginning of the 11th century and since then its life has begun under the rule of Kings.

One should not forget that the Spaniards were excellent sailors, they conquered the colonies, so they could invest in the construction of their own land and Madrid itself.

It sounds incredible that you need about a year to complete a museum tour. As a tourist to see at least some basic exhibits you need 3-4 hours.

That’s why I’m presenting you the most visited places in the city by tourists.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace is by far the largest royal residence in Europe.

According to the order of King Philip V was built in the 18th century. The building is used for ceremonial events. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens.


Cathedral of the Almudena

Due to a strange network of circumstances this cathedral was built over centuries. In the end it was completed in 1993 year.

The cathedral is sanctify Pope John Paul II.

The interior is also interesting. You can also visit the museum located in the cathedral itself.


Museum Prado

The construction of the museum began at the end of the 18th century, as part of the plan of King Charles III, who, with monumental buildings, wanted to make Madrid like Paris, Rome or London.It was opened in 1819, for the reign of Ferdinand VII. And the museum’s fund was a royal collection, so the museum was originally called the Royal Museum of Painting and Sculpture.

Today, it has over 5000 paintings of all famous world painters. There are other exhibits, porcelain, ceramics, sculptures and drawings.

In 1992, Prado left the famous Picasso Guernica, as well as other works created during the 20th century. They became the basis for the collection of the nearby Reina Sofia Museum.

And yet, as I wrote, it takes a lot of hours to see what you want.


Plaza de Espana

It is a very nice square for the Servantes monument, because of the statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, are all the way we imagine them. In the vicinity of the courthouse, which are among the tallest in Madrid. The first killing is Edificio España, you’re not exactly. The second large building near that square is Torre de Madrid, which was the highest office building in Western Europe until 1967.


This is a monument dedicated to Don Quixote.

Parque de el Retiro

The park is really huge. it takes time for his tour. In the park there are statues as well as a glass exhibition building, there is also a small lake where it is, a monument to Alfonso XII.


Arena Las Ventas 

Corrida is a special event. It’s not for people who do not like cruelty. I want to kill an animal is not nice to see.

For spinners, this is normal. Arena Las Ventas is only the third largest in the world. The stories from her are in Mexico and Venezuela.


Stadium Santiago Bernabeu

The book can be written about the stadium itself, so I’ll just mention the most important facts.

Santiago Bernabeu. The stadium in which the World Cup finals were played in 1982 and the European Championship in 1964 and then the four final of the Champions Cup / Champions League.

The stadium where they played and played the world’s greatest footballers and superstars. The construction of the “pharaonic project” of Real Madrid, as it was called by thethen Spanish media, began in October 1944 and was completed in December 1947, and was rebuilt before the 1982 World Cup.

A new renovation is planned, where there will be a hotel and a huge shopping center within the stadium.


Here I finish the story, be aware that I just scratched the surface.

In fact,in  Madrid tourist  should spend about ten days to get to know him.

That’s why I put underneath a few more photos. Enjoy.


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