The Temple of Debod

If you, by any chance or purpose, find yourself in Madrid, there is at least one spot in the city that you just can’t miss it! If you are attracted to places full of tranquility, peace, yet historic and significant, the Temple of Debod is the right place for you!

This Egyptian architectural beauty used to be located in Aswan, Egypt, once upon a time. However, the Egyptians translated it to Madrid back in 1968 as a sign of gratitude. Since then, it is the most famous spot in Madrid for the sunset.

You can even grab your book and come and enjoy its plot by the temple as there is a park surrounding it. You can just as well enter and learn something about the Egyptian history as the entrance is free for everyone.

If there is a place but to be in Madrid at 7 p.m. this is it! It is located in the city center, only 10 minutes walking from the main square Puerta de Sol. It is a unique and unusual building unlike any other in the Spanish capital!


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  1. Interesting pictures are the first and the last almost white while it is in the middle with vibrant colors. Its color is so blue, it does not work naturally.