Wander project Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin

My father was born in Wisconsin. In particular, he was born in a small town in the middle of Wisconsin now as Wisconsin Dells. The Wisconsin River flows through the town and has created amazing rock formations to view and discover. My grandfather took many pictures of the Wisconsin River. He lived in the Dells for many more years than my father did. My father left the Dells when he was eighteen, heading off to College, the Army and then College again.

As a child, I visited the Dells many times. Not that I remember all of them, many of the visits occurring when I was quite small. I do remember however my grandfather’s basement area in their house in the Dells. I also remember getting Chocolate Covered Cherries from my grandfather as well; I still love those to this day. I remember the park, and I vaguely remember their house in the Dells. I would have to say though, any memories I have of the Dells are long gone.

The reason is that the Dells has exploded. It is now an amusement park and a series of smaller parks. My mother’s family had the Johnston family reunion at the Dells the summer before we moved to Maryland. My wife was in school at the time and could not go with us to the Dells. So I bundled the kids up in the Van, and we headed off to Wisconsin. It is about an 8-hour drive from Greenwood to Wisconsin Dells.


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Written by DocAndersen

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