Wander project Whiteland Indiana

There are events and moments in the past that are always interesting. We were part of the expansion, physical and congregation wise of the church we went to. We had tried some churches while in Cincinnati Ohio but never really settled on the right one. We tried a few churches when we moved to Greenwood but didn’t settle until the event that changed everything happened. September 11, 2001, We started attending the church we would stick with for the next ten years the Sunday after 9/11,

During that time, the church physically doubled in size. The pictures shared today are of that construction project. For the kids, it was a great opportunity to be around as construction added to the church. My daughter had been old enough in Cincinnati and remembered what it was like, but the twins were younger and probably didn’t remember much of building a house.  Although I am not sure, they remember a lot of the church being built either. They were pretty young when both events occurred.

Sometimes when you look back, in the rearview mirror, what you see is different than what was. The things we remember about moments aren’t always the full moment, the entire event. If we have a video of that, then we can recall what the camera saw. Beyond the camera, of course, there is a world (the images shared today some 12 years before the rise of 360-degree cameras, and those 360 cameras still have blind spots). The question you have to ask yourself is what were my blind spots when I took that image?


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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