Wander project Whiteland IN

One of the folders in our family history project digital archive is my wife’s folder called simply print. Print in the sense that every picture in the folder was to be printed in color and handed to my wife. She was doing a history project for our church. Part of that project was something I did, taking all the pictures we collected digitally from church members of various events and making them into a DVD. We sold it as a fundraiser for Christian Education.

The pictures are from an event that was held in the church’s outside area. We have a shelter and the playground that I’ve shown pictures of before. We also had a shed (for the lawn equipment and storage) and a basketball court. This particular event included food, as was the tradition and a band. We always had good food at events! There were a lot of good cooks in the congregation that was able to share amazing food!

 A peaceful wander down memory lane. Pictures to be printed from an event now more than 12 years ago. We don’t print pictures anymore. Well, that isn’t completely true. From time to time I gather a bunch of blogs together for various events and have them printed in book form by Blog2print. They take the actual blog pages and produce a very nice hardbound book on demand. Literally, you point them to your blog, they collect everything, and you have a book!


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Written by DocAndersen

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