Wander project “What’s in your cell phones memory?”

Today’s travel post is traveling back in time, not that far back and not very far at all. It is a continuation of two things. The first is my tradition of sharing, every time it snows, a picture of that snow. The second, due to the 365-day photo challenge, is to share the last 20 or so pictures taken as part of that contest. The majority of images I use for the photo challenge, come from my cellular phone. I back those up to a computer, and to my OneDrive from MSFT.

Every once in awhile (about every 12-15 days) I then share all of the pictures I took as well as a few that didn’t cut it. The rules I created for the family history project are or were that all photos cut. So the only editing or cutting down, was just not using a specific picture for the Photo Challenge. I am sharing them as my 20-day challenge. But that is more of a personal, don’t let those pictures sit on your camera.

I think, to paraphrase Dylan Thomas, Do not go gentle into that good day, without having already backed the pictures on your phone. Rage, Rage against the loss of the images. As I love Dylan Thomas and I just ruined one of his best poems, I have to apologize for that. These pictures span the past few days, many of them already shared. Some of them not shared, but you get the concept. Back, up those cell phone pictures. PS, my favorite pictures of the entire current blast is the Bloomsky images of the sky above our house!


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