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I was inspired to share pictures of warm and sunny places in the past few days. For me, that is partly because it is cold in Maryland now. Partially because I am sorting through the old pictures, I have shared and the old pictures I haven’t shared. Finally, because there are memories now that I can talk about again, it takes time overall when we lose someone, remembers everything, and share those memories.  Today I am sharing sunsets. From three different locations, and I will dive a little deeper into the three sunsets. The first sunset was taken in flight. There were many years when I left Monday at 3 am and returned Thursday PM around 10 pm, most of my job then wasn’t in Indiana.

The second sunset was taken at the fabulous Dusit resort in Pattaya. The sunset framed by palm trees. The Gulf of Siam gently caressed by the final rays of the sun for today. The sunset was captured in the pool area; there was a huge concrete area on all four sides of the pool. My wife and I were heading out for dinner, and I was waiting for her by the pool. I walked outside the hotel and saw this view. I know sunsets are something that resonates with several people here on Virily. They resonate with me as well. They represent the ending of a day, and if it is to be, the promise of a new day. This image has been shared by me a few times, but is still a favorite!

The lats sunset was taken on the backside of my daily Lab walk. I do not walk toa Laboratory; rather, I have to walk my dog a Labrador. We start our walk around 5 pm, in the winter at least until the end of December that means declining sun time. As we move into January, the sun is far down on the horizon but begins to shine longer and longer. So, I was able to capture a sunset the other day.  We have what we call the front half of our walk (it goes up the hill) and the back half of our walk (which is flat). We live on a ridge, so we walk down the ridge to start the walk, and then right away, we have to walk back up the ridge. The whole backside of the walk is on top of the ridge.

Today, a happy sunset!

sunset over the ocean

setting sun Pattaya Thailand


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