Wander project (wandering wandering) images from Germany!

Travel photos today from my first trip to Munich a few years ago. I was quite taken as were the folks I was traveling with, the bears of Munich. It seems strange to me now, remembering when I traveled all the time. I haven’t really, other than family vacations traveled for the past 6.5 years. One of the things that are always missing though is the friends I have all around the world. It is nice using Facebook or LinkedIn to stay in touch, but that isn’t the same as relaxing and hanging out with the many people I know.

Home is where the heart is!

But sometimes home shouldn’t be where your suitcase stops on the weekend.

These pictures of Munich and the bears were from a great trip with a really good group of people.  One of the things that I can do is share the pictures. There are many pictures I can’t share from some of the later vacations. My Canon DSLR takes images that are too large to share here on Virily or other places. Many places limit the size of images. I completely understand that they, after all, have to pay for storage.

Time is a funny thing.

I do miss my many friends. It is always nice to reconnect via Facebook, or email etc. Sometimes on the phone, but the reality is time changes everything.


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