Wander project walking in the baking sun!

Our walking trail wanders around our neighborhood. On one end of our walking trail are the tennis courts and pool area of our community. On the far outside edge is the local baseball field. We often find tennis and baseballs just lying unattended on the field (there are no humans, or we would throw the balls to them!) I have quite a collection now of baseballs. The other thing we have along our walks is two different areas of wildflowers. My favorite part of the trail is the two wildflower areas. But, now it is July. Sadly in our part of the world, July is the time when the flowers retreat, and the grass turns brown. It is not the time of pretty around us to see.

It is the time of hot: just plain uncomfortable high humidity and high temperatures of summer. My walking equipment adds roughly 2 pounds as I carry water with me on long walks. Normally my hat is soaked, and my shirt is soaked with sweat. It is the time of “un” comfort or discomfort! When I was a little kid, and we were in Wisconsin for the summers, it was 10 degrees cooler on the shores of Lake Ripley. It was just as hot in the air, but overall the air around the lake was cooler. When we were in the middle of July in Indiana, it was hot. Not as hot as it was in Thailand. But it was hot. The difference in Thailand was that even after a rainstorm, it was still in the 80s.

At least after a thunderstorm, you get a 15 to 20 degrees drop. Yesterday around us as we walked, it was hot. The summer has arrived. It is something I don’t enjoy. I love hiking, but I wouldn’t say I like walking when it is freezing (around or below O degrees F or C)!  I also really don’t enjoy the temperature when it gets to 90 degrees air temp, and 90% humidity. The weathercasters quickly trot out their feels like temperature. I understand why they do that. Windchill lets you know the risk of exposure and potential hypothermia. But the feelings like temperature doesn’t predict the risk of heatstroke. That is determined by the specific body’s inability to get colder.

Oh well, we are approaching the dog days of summer.

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the home of Maximilian Mexico City

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correction this is not from Notre Dame in France, it is from Mexico City!


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  1. Really nice photos of Mexico city.
    Here, our monsoon often started mid- to end of June, and though it has been indecisive this year, there has been a drop of temperature and constant overcast if not raining, with temps in the teens (60s in your money). The area near me is full of wildflowers and the fruit is setting on the wild elder trees along the roadside. Hoping for a bit more warm weather, or at least a dry few days before autumn πŸ™‚

    • i remember the first time I landed at Dublin, it was around 4 pm. I went for a walk. I got completely lost and asked someone for directions. He got his car out of his garage and drove me to the hotel.

      I bought him a stout at the bar!

      i love walking in Ireland!


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