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Wander project Virginia!

One of the first day trips we took in the DC area after moving was the wander to the Mall of America. Along the mall of America, which stretches between several important Washington DC buildings, sits a number of the Smithsonian museums. We wandered me all-time favorite several times, the Air and Space Museum. The times are not big fans of seeing dead animals, so we didn’t go to the natural history museum. We also did not go to either the American American museum (it wasn’t yet open), and we did not go to the Holocaust Museum. That last one causes me to cry every time I go. The second big day trip that we took was on a day when I wasn’t working, and my poor wife had to work.

We went to George Washingtons’ beloved Mt. Vernon. George Washington was the first American president. He was perhaps not as well known. But in the end, just as successful and innovative as a farmer. So we went and wandered the gardens and the home. The kids had a blast on our first long day trip (Mt. Vernon is about an hour from our house with no traffic; in the morning of a holiday, it was about 80 minutes). All of this are leading to why the pictures and the story that comes into being today. In 1976 my father was going to the NSTA convention in Philadelphia, PA. My parents always loved taking historical side trips when we went on vacation. This trip was no different.

The pictures are ones my dad took in the Colonial Williamsburg recreated colonial-era town. Williamsburg was once a very important city in Virginia; the English Governor had a home in Williamsburg. We wandered there in 2013 as well, staying in Virginia Beach. The funny thing about that vacation was wandering Collianl Williamsburg and seeing all the wonderful sights. Just like we had when I was much younger, chasing my dad. So the pictures today from 1976 of a place we have gone to again later on. Virginia Beach has also been a place we’ve gone to a couple of times. They have a beachfront hotel that we love to say in. There is something about sleeping with the sound of the ocean around yOU!


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