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There is a song I learned to play on the Piano years ago. Do you remember, it starts with the months of the year? It wanders to each of them. But the thing is in leaving a message for my yet to be grandchildren, or for that matter the more present reality of my children, there is much to consider by Month. So let’s take a month by month memory.

January – it is cold outside, and as your mother has long told you to dress for the weather. But most importantly remember your mother’s birthday!

February – The winter likely still holding on to the world tightly. But also remember this is the season of love, remember those you love.

March – the Month of some of your birth – remember to honor those around you that reached to you when you were young.

April – spring has arrived, and in your hearts, reborn the world!

May – honor the day your grandmother was born, smell the flowers!

June – the summer begins its long drag – but stop for a moment and remember the many summer adventures we had!

July – the Month you never left the pool when you were little. Remember the pool!

August – the Month we moved to Maryland. It was a hard month for all of us; remember hard times disappear eventually.

September – remember your first day of school? Remember how much you loved that. Never forget the joy of discovery!

October – ah the fall begins, remember all he Halloween costumes your grandmother made for you. Remember the new birthday in October! We celebrate your-brother-in-law! We moved back to Indiana in October; moving can be hard.

November – another birthday appears a plucky person indeed, remember your sister. Make sure you connect for a moment this Month!

December – honor dad’s birthday. But also as another year closes call your sister, call your brother, connect and remember!

By Month the messages I would leave for my kids!

fall leaves


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