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As vacation winds down, I am taking stock. I did manage to get most of the projects I wanted to do, done.  It is and has been a relaxing week. Sometimes you have to take time to relax and enjoy the world around you. Yesterday I talked to several friends that I don’t always get to talk to during the working week. One of my friends is freshly retired and off working on his new business. He is designing and sharing 3d printing files. Most of the data he builds are based on pictures people send him of things they want to be able to print (model boats, small plastic screws, and so on). Although interestingly, he was telling me about the picture of a child and the mother’s desire to print a cookie-cutter of their child.

Would you want to eat a cookie shaped like you? He corrected me, and it was a cookie-cutter, but she used it to make ornaments shaped like her child, with pictures and creations by the child for the grandparents. The cookie-cutter part was simply the mechanism to form the plaster of Paris. My immediate response was, of course, glad she only has one kid. If she had ten kids, the shipping costs alone would make the cost of the ornaments significant! That got me thinking about kids. In particular, the things you keep from your children. Depending on the child, you keep different things. The same is true for the other people in your life; you keep things that were important to you from them.

That got me thinking of the things I’ve kept. I have several items from my father. I have several things from my grandfather. I have several things that my mother has given me. I have stuff in my office that my wife has given me. Each of the items from the people has meaning to me. Sometimes we keep things that mean something to us, that others look at and say why? I have a London bus that my grandfather bought me when he went to London. It was a running joke between the two of us that he was going to ride around London on the double-decker bus. He said he was not going to ride one. As far as I know, he ended up riding one, but as I said, the gift was part of the joke. I remembered him about that bus many times (You went to London, all I got was a bus).

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