Wander project the last few pictures I've taken…

One of the things you have to do when switching carriers decide if you were keeping or discarding your phone. I decided to discard most of the family phones other than mine and my daughters. Based on that I had to unlock my phone from the old carrier and set it up as a phone on the new carrier. You have to pull the sim card and completely reset your phone. What that does is it resets the picture counter your phone has. So, the last few pictures I’ve taken include new pictures and a couple of fairly old pictures. I guess it is the joy of wandering. You see today’s 365-day challenge picture of my dog, sitting in front of the front door so I can’t leave. He has done that the past couple of days.

There are pictures of the ROV, which, due to my timing error we were not able to launch over the past weekend. It will probably be a couple of weeks for the launch now. We aren’t putting it in the bay yet. Freshwater for now, not the whatever the Bay water is. It isn’t pure salt water (lots of creeks and rivers where we are), and it isn’t pure freshwater (lots of salt water as well). Oh yeah, and the admiral of our boat (my wife) doesn’t want anything pulled out of the Bay and placed on her flagship (Labs Lair Too). The other pictures wander the strange and bizarre things I’ve found in my 365-day photo quest. It is no longer a challenge I think. It has become my quest.

I do not seek fair Dulcinea. I seek the 365th post. To have completed the challenge!  Some of the pictures I’ve shared were not much. Some were interesting. Some were of thumbs. Many of you have told me that pictures of the Dogs are always welcomed. Pictures of Lars are always welcome! Who knew the Gnome on our boat, Captain Lars was so photogenic. I didn’t know when I started. I’ve known Dylan and Raven were photogenic. It is just hard to take a picture of Dylan. He hates all forms of technology. In particular any form of technology that is in my hands at any point. Funny how when you look back at the pictures you’ve taken the memories flow as well. That is the wonder of the wander project!


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