Wander project (the art of travel).

Often when I traveled for work, back in the day, I spent a lot of time in offices. I would take pictures out the window. Whenever possible I would get out of the hotel, the office and I would walk around (my father got me hooked on walking around a lot). I would wander a different way every day away from the hotel or the office and return. Either when I was hungry for dinner or when the lunch hour was over.

There are a lot of pictures out the hotel or office window in my travel collection. Now, I have to say there were places I visited that being outdoors wasn’t optimal. Shanghai was such a place, the air outside the hotel was thick. It wasn’t thick because fog rolled off the river. It was thick because of the pollution that was humanity. Cars, motorcycles, and trucks spewing noxious gas into the inversion layer that was the valley the city was in.

There were places that I had gone to so many times that I had walking trails. Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and other places, I would arrive and know where I was walking to once I unpacked at the hotel. It was routine, often on the longer trips, I would lose either the before the weekend or the after the weekend from family time. That meant I would arrive at least one or two days ahead of the meetings (jet lag) and sometimes had Monday/Tuesday meetings so would lose both the before and after the weekend. Going home was always the goal when traveling!


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Written by DocAndersen

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