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Wander project the argument against bunnies!

I know that having a sense of humor is essential in life. We didn’t hide Easter Eggs after moving to Maryland. The last time we hid eggs for the kids was 2009. When we were running out of the house in 2011, I found Easter Candy. It was at least two years old at that point if not possibly many more years old than that. I suspect that the people that bought our house in Indiana may have found more. As kids get older, they no longer believe in the Easter bunny. As dogs get older, they have the same feeling towards the Easter Bunny that they always had. If that bunny tries to come into my house, that bunny will be lunch! Or dinner, or an early breakfast.

I remember the look on the kid’s faces when they realized that Rabbits are “have that’s” to dogs. Have that, is a phrase we use with Dylan now. He looks at the Rabbit, looks at me, and asks if he can “have that.” The answer is no, of course, but the kids realized around age eight or maybe even seven that the bunny was something the dogs wanted to or liked to eat. My wife and I would on Easter Eve hide the candy for the kids. Then my wife would put together the baskets for each kid. We had a pretty consistent array of things in the basket year after year. A chocolate bunny, a stuffed animal, and jelly beans throw into the fake screen grass that was used at the bottom of the basket.

Those days now long gone, I still remember them fondly. It was fun hiding the eggs and sharing unique feelings for the kids. It is funny as a kid. I remember Easter as a rush to get candy. Like Halloween more about the candy when I was younger than the lessons and the moment. Now with the kids, I know the other side of the equation—the giving of something for your kids.

I will end today, with Easter Eve wishes, and belated Good Friday wishes to all who celebrate. To those that this is just another Sunday of lockdown, I want your safety and happiness as well!

just give me five minutes alone with that bunny...


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  1. You certainly had fun with the kids. The children of those who bought the house in Indiana if they found hidden candy were happy. Although long gone (almost 11 years) from those days when children were little memories remain. See how happy the twins are from their discovery.Happy Easter.

  2. Awe, I miss those days. That was so much fun. We used to hide eggs at the resort every year for the kids. Those long lost eggs.. I remember the kids finding them years after. lol Great memories doc. Happy Easter.


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