Wander project Springmill State Park Indiana

I miss Springmill State Park in southern Indiana. It was, is, the one state park that I could always find something fun to do. From the recreation of the Mill (hence the name Springmill) to the many trails and the wonderful lodge (hotel/restaurant), there were always things to do at Springmill. I have found walking with Dylan, some wonderful places in Maryland. We love the C&O Canal trails. But, it isn’t Springhill. In part, Springmill is a memory. Many years ago (I honestly do not remember this) my father’s father and mother came to town (my grandparents) and went with us to Springmill. I couldn’t tell if you that was the first time we went to Springmill or the third. Because I don’t remember that trip, I have the pictures.

I don’t remember the connection I had with my father’s father. But I see it in the pictures. He passed away when I was 11 years old. I remember crying, the loss hurt. But I couldn’t then tell you specifically why I was sad. I can now, looking at all the pictures of the two of us together. One reason I love Springmill is that is a place my father’s father wandered. I loved when it was working, watching the old stones turn in the mill. They would grind corn meal. When the stones were working, the mill was operational, and my wife always bought fresh cornmeal. Once the cornmeal was purchased, it meant I was making cornmeal pancakes. I have to be honest; there were a few visits to Springmill when I hopped the mill was not working.

I don’t love cornmeal pancakes as my wife does.

The park also had peaceful lake trails. We would often take a picnic lunch and walk around the lakes. Over the years we probably wen tot Springmill 20 times. More when we lived in Greenwood, but a couple of times when we lived in Cincinnati. We loved the park, it has a special place in our family lore. My parents celebrated their 50th wadding anniversary in the park. All of us went, and there are wonderful pictures of that event. My wife and I would sometimes escape, drop the kids off with my foalks and make Springmill a couple’s weekend. We more often went to French Lick, but we did go to Springmill at least one time for a couple’s weekend. One of my all-time favorite State Parks!


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