Wander project snowing in Maryland Yesterday!

I have over the course of the last few weeks been showing snows of the past. Today the snow pictures are of yesterday’s snow in the DC area. It was not, an impending snowmageddon, way too much snow to be dealt with. Rather a pleasant snow falling over the course of the day. Roughly two inches give or take. The process of the Bloomskies lens covering with snow is amazing. The rest of the pictures today are of various things.

Some are from our cold but not freezing walk yesterday. Some are from the Xmas decorations that finally left their boxes and are now placed carefully around the house. We used to have a set of Hallmark kissing bears as well, that came out each year for Christmas. Those no longer come out of storage because someone isn’t able to not pose them. Self-control when it comes to kissing bears is a very late developing skill in some people.

I have to go clean off the weather station this morning, or we will end up with two days of well-melting snow on the lens. The prediction for today is 40 for a high, so the majority of the snow should melt and make for a mushy mess. The dogs were happy, however, to get to walk in the snow. They love being the first to walk on our walking trail in the fresh snow. Plus it wasn’t that cold. Today with the wind will be a little warmer, but the wind chill will be a little colder.


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