Wander project snow…

I have a friend that lives in Colorado. They often take their family up to the Rainbow pass in the Rocky Mountains.  We (my family) went there once as well many years ago. At the time we went (early June) the snow was nearly 20 feet high. My friend went up to the pass recently; the snow was 20 feet now as well. Funny, seeing snow stacked that high is a different experience than seeing snow covering your driveway.

Snow, it is the most beautiful thing to watch, sitting by a fire relaxing.The snow is coming down from the sky. Making the ground around you clean and covered. You don’t like mud when the snow falls. You see pristine and new. Uniformity, and one cover. Until you see the driveway, then it quickly becomes painful, frustrating and agonizing. Each shovel full a reminder that you watched it fall and did nothing as it fell.

We are often bound and wound around the snow as it falls. I have to say I remembered snow a long time ago. I remember snow falling and covering everything. Snow is a memory and a moment. The snow is falling from the sky above. We had so very little snow this year. I guess we were following on the results of last summer and last winter. Our second winter of little to no snow made me realize I would rather be talking about snow, than shoveling it!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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