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Wander project Severn River Annapolis Maryland

Located on the shore of the Severn River is the US Naval Academy Annapolis Maryland. The Naval Academy has some small sailboats that the Midshipmen can use for learning the various components of sailing and being on the water. As we were heading up the river, we got to see the sailboats as they were leaving the Academy. There was also a US Coast Guard Cutter moored at the edge of the Academies Dock.

As we came back down the Severn, all of the Midshippeople (have to be politically correct) had made it beyond the river and into the Bay. Those are the last pictures we took, other than the images of the trip towards the marina and the sun glinting off the water. It is really fun to see a bunch of small sailboats working together with the wind. The breeze was pretty stiff, gusts around 10-12 miles per hour. The sailboats were moving briskly!

As we docked (I have to say we are getting better every time) and tied off, it was a glorious day. Warm enough that you could feel the difference being on the water. At the dock is was around 85 degrees. On the water, you drop 10-15 degrees with the fairly stiff breeze blowing on us! Plus add to that we were able once we cleared the Naval Academy waters to open the boat up and head up the river with a full head of steam!


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