Wander project the Sand Dunes of Indiana…

When the last glacier retreated from Indiana more than 10,000 years ago, they scooped out the great lakes. There is only one corner of Indiana that touches Lake Michigan, one of the great lakes. That one corner is the part of Indiana nearest Chicago Illinois. When I was a child, on the way to Wisconsin would drive by that part of Indiana. It hosts the towns of Gary, Hobart, and South Bend among others. The great US Steel Corporation had massive factories forging ore into steel and shipping that steel to Detroit, Cleveland, and other large cities where the steel was turned into the fabric of the world. Cars, Boats, Planes and so on.

In that corner of Indiana is a favorite destination of ours over the years. I personally I have to the state park about five times. I think Barb and the kids have been 3 or 4 times when I wasn’t with them. The Indiana Dunes State Park. Seems funny that a landlocked state would have a state park dedicated to Dunes, but they are huge piles of sand, and the park is a great piece of history. The park was built right after the great depression by the Civilian Conversation Corps or CCC. The CCC was a part of the president’s WPA or Works Progress Administration with a primary goal of getting people back to work and of course, rebuilding our country.

We love the Dunes. Well, I just love water. But the Dunes State Park remains one of my all-time favorite places to stop, wander and see sand, water, and history. It’s funny now if you stand there on the beach and look to the West you see Chicago. If you look to the East (probably with Binoculars) you see Michigan, all from a thin strip of Indiana.


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Written by DocAndersen

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