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wander project pictures from our living room circa 1975

A lot of things are revealed when we look at the past. We see things that once were, people that were once so important (and still are important.) These pictures today were of my family many years ago. This is from our second house in Bloomington Indiana. Which was my parent’s last house in the city for a few years as they moved to the Farm from this house? This was the sunken living room of the house, and you can see behind the couch the fireplace. The couch was designed and made in Thailand and is still in my mother’s house.  It was made from teak wood. Teak lasts more than a lifetime!  My dad wanted to take family pictures, and of course, there was a commotion.

In part because everyone wanted input on where the picture would be taken. Finally, the decision was made to use the couch in the living room. I remember the couch facing the fireplace, but didn’t always face the fireplace or we turned it for the picture. The brick of the fireplace was a great backdrop for the picture. The first picture shared today is of my sisters and my grandfather. My grandfather was a huge influence in my life. I wish I could be as great a human being as he was. I strive to be that person all the time. The pictures add my grandmother and then my parents as well as myself. Unlike the picture shared yesterday, I am not rocking madras pants!

Timing-wise, the picture is in the same period as the picture on the beach of the day before. I do love the picture using the timer on Dad’s camera (I still have that camera) with all of us. Back in the day, when you set up the camera on a tripod, set the time and then rushed to be ready for the picture. It never came when you thought. Dad was rocking a mustache. He often had a mustache and a beard at times when I was growing up! The last picture though it one that I had to include today. I have been sharing 4 or 5 pictures, so today a post with six pictures. The last picture of someone taking a picture of my father and of course, my father is taking a picture of the person taking his picture. I wondered where I got that habit!

all of us 

in the back from the left, dad, mom, my middle sister

on the couch

grandma, little sister, grandpa me

ok, making faces was a hobby


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